UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked

UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked. Mentioned that members of the Spanish environmental group Futuro Vegetal attacked the superyacht owned by the Walmart heiress, Nancy Walton Laurie. The activists sprayed red and black paint across the stern of the yacht, and images and videos of the attack were posted on social media platforms. The group expressed their concerns about the economic system, wealth inequality, and the environmental impact of the wealthy. They emphasized the need for change in consumption patterns, land redistribution, and addressing the climate crisis as top priorities. To update more new information, please visit the website https://beefdaily.com.vn/.

UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked
UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked

I. Introduction

1. Who is Walmart Heiress?

Alice Walton, one of the children of Walmart founders Sam Walton and Helen Walton. Alice Walton is widely known for her immense wealth and her involvement in various philanthropic endeavors. She was born on October 7, 1949, in Newport, Arkansas, USA.

Ms Laurie, the owner of the yacht, inherited a stake in Walmart in 1995 from her father, Bud Walton, who built the brand into the retail empire it is today with his brother.

Alice Walton is a prominent art collector and the founder of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, which houses a significant collection of American artwork. cutoff in September 2021, Alice Walton was considered one of the richest women in the world, with her net worth estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

2. Some super cool features about Superyacht

Kaos is a luxurious motor yacht built by Oceanco in the Netherlands, with an impressive length of 110.1 meters, a beam of 16.4 meters, and a volume of 4,523 GT. The yacht was launched in 2017 and has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. It can accommodate up to 34 guests and 41 crew members, including the captain. Lobanov Design designed the exterior, while the interior was designed by Sam Sorgiovanni Designs P/L. The yacht is powered by 2 MTU engines, allowing it to reach a top speed of 15 knots. It carries 391,000 liters of fuel on board. In the rankings of the world’s largest yachts, Kaos is currently ranked 56th and is the third-largest yacht built by Oceanco. While its owner is not publicly disclosed, there are 180 photos of the yacht available on SuperYacht Times and 51 news articles featuring the yacht.

Her yacht, “Kaos”, is worth $300m and is 361 feet long with four decks, accommodation for 31 guests and a 45-person crew.

Featuring full spa facilities, an aquarium and a cinema, there are also separate gyms for guests and crew and a small hospital for onboard emergencies.

UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked
UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked

II. Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked

Members of Spanish group Futuro Vegetal sprayed paint across the stern of Nancy Walton Laurie’s yacht, Kaos . Climate activists have attacked a superyacht belonging to Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, spraying red and black paint across the stern.

The vessel was vandalised on Sunday in Ibiza by members of the Spain-based environmental group Futuro Vegetal.

Two activists were photographed holding a sign that read: “You Consume Others Suffer”.

A crew member can be seen behind them hosing the paint off the side of the boat.

Both of the demonstrators were arrested.

UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked
UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked

III. The specific cause of the attack

  • The environmental group Futuro Vegetal on their Instagram account, they express their viewpoint on the economic system and the privileges they believe are associated with the wealthy. The group claims that the actions of the “mega-rich” contribute to social and environmental issues, including exploitation and destruction of resources.
  • The group had also sprayed a private jet with paint a couple of days prior to the yacht incident. It seems that the activists aimed to draw attention to their cause by targeting symbols of wealth and privilege.
  • The activists also posted video of the vandalism occurring on Twitter. In the clip, crew members on board at the time can be seen running across the deck and unsuccessfully trying to hose off the paint.
  • The richest 1 percent of the world population pollutes more than the poorest 50 percent, They are condemning us to a future of pain, misery and desolation
  • In an Instagram post, the activists stated that the destruction of the yacht marked the culmination of their campaign, which they called “Jets and Yachts, the party is over.” They also tagged the Extinction Rebellion Ibiza page, indicating a possible association with the environmental activist group.
  • In the caption, they further expressed their perspective, stating, “The only reason we continue to maintain an economic system that leads to eco-social collapse is to sustain the privileges of this small privileged class.” They accused the mega-rich of benefiting from the suffering of others and claimed that those at the top of the social pyramid exploit animals, destroy territory, and disregard the resulting suffering and death.
  • These statements reflect the activists’ beliefs regarding the economic system, wealth inequality, and environmental impact. It underscores their viewpoint that a small privileged class benefits at the expense of others and the planet.
  • On the Futuro Vegetal website, the group states their aim as “to change the ethics of abundance, the way of producing and consuming, focusing on food security and land redistribution. The fight against the Climate Crisis has to be the number one priority.” This suggests that the group is focused on promoting changes in the current economic and consumption systems, emphasizing the importance of addressing food security and redistributing land resources. They highlight the urgency of prioritizing action against the climate crisis.
UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked
UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked

IV. Some potential effects

The attack on Nancy Walton Laurie’s yacht can have various public and psychological impacts. Here are some potential effects:

1. Generating attention and awareness

Such an attack can attract attention to environmental and social issues that the activist group is concerned about. It can create a forum for discussing the importance of resource distribution, overconsumption, and the role of the wealthy in impacting the environment and society.

2. Fueling debates and reactions

Actions like these often evoke reactions from communities and individuals concerned about environmental issues and social inequalities. It can stimulate deeper discussions and debates on these issues and encourage positive action or societal change.

3. Government and legal reactions

Attacks like these are illegal acts and can have legal consequences for those involved. Authorities and the legal system may respond by initiating investigations, arrests, and legal proceedings.

4. Psychological impact on the owner and stakeholders

The attack can induce feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and unease for the owner and individuals associated with the yacht. It may also trigger anger and reactions from supporters or affiliates of the owner.

UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked
UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked

V. VIDEO UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked


VI. More about

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UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked
UPDATE: Walmart Heiress Superyacht Attacked
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VII. Nancy Walton’s (Walmart Heiress) Spectacular $300.000.000 110m Superyacht KAOS docking in Miami

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