Video do dalai lama beijando Leaked

Welcome to the latest article on about the controversial case involving the Dalai Lama: “Video do dalai lama beijando Leaked“. Join us to learn and analyze the online community’s reactions to this event, and discuss the importance of child protection and the role of spiritual leaders in society.

Video do dalai lama beijando Leaked
Video do dalai lama beijando Leaked

I. What is Video do dalai lama beijando?

A video made the Dalai Lama – the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, heavily criticized. In the video, he pulls a boy’s face closer to kiss his mouth and asks the boy to suck his tongue. Many celebrities have voiced their opposition to this action on social media. The Dalai Lama, 87, acknowledged the authenticity of the video and announced that the act was a joke in a hug. However, many consider this act to be child abuse and the Dalai Lama should be punished.

II. Content video do dalai lama beijando Leaked

Celebrities have spoken out against a controversial video in which the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, pulls a boy’s face closer to kiss him on the mouth. In the video, according to Reuters, the Dalai Lama asked the boy to suck his tongue. Xuxa, Juliana Paes and many other celebrities have spoken out about this issue on social networks.

The Dalai Lama, 87, called the act “naive and humorous” in a statement. The leader acknowledged the authenticity of the video, but only said that the action took place in a hug. In the statement, his agent said that he often teases people he meets in an innocent and playful way, even in public and in front of cameras. The Dalai Lama expressed regret over the incident.

Xuxa thinks this spiritual leader should be arrested. “This scene is one of the worst I’ve ever seen as an abused mother and child being able to see it: it’s the abuser’s scene,” she said in a post. posted on Instagram.

“Children can’t defend themselves, we have a responsibility to speak out and bring to light the sexual exploitation of children and young people…” Juliana Paes criticized idolatry. “Today, social media is flooded with videos of one of these idols brazenly abusing children. Another ‘great religious leader’ used his power and influence to satisfy his needs. satisfy his most despicable desires,” the post said. “I can’t even understand the effort of ‘sorry’ after making a child suck his tongue. Because, there’s no excuse for that. No tagline or fake kindness can be erased. Quit this disgusting act!”

Felipe Neto wrote on her Twitter: “Horrible at the image of His Holiness the Dalai Lama asking 8-year-old boy to ‘shut his tongue’ and then kiss him on the mouth. Disgusting, disgusting, unacceptable. This is it. crime, not “joke”. And yes, a lot of people will choose to stay silent.”

Portuguese writer Valter Hugo Mae posted a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama with the caption “I can’t stand this. What a tragedy. This is a tragedy. No dalai. Only Lama, really.”

Marcos Mion spoke about this topic in a story. “All religious leaders are human. Humans with all the mistakes that humans make,” he said in the post. “Take advantage of your religious leader, but never blindly surrender to what he says. None of them have the power to speak for God.” Dani Suzuki wrote on Instagram: “I’m not religious, but I care a lot about my spirituality. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a powerful spiritual leader in Tibet, even for non-believers. Buddhism, and is seen as a beacon of wisdom and peace; they even consider him a saint.He makes no excuses, no justifications, no other explanation for the heinous act and his seriousness in front of this child and the world,” he wrote in the post. He continued: “It is increasingly clear how dangerous it is to treat another person with idolatry, as the leader and guide of our actions and above all GOOD.” .

“We cannot normalize these unbalanced, cowardly and cruel attitudes, especially towards children. They must be protected. Seeking JUSTICE and learning to separate things is necessary. !”, he wrote.

Video do dalai lama beijando Leaked

III. The online community’s reaction to the Video Leaked by dalai lama beijando

The leaked video involving the Dalai Lama has ignited a wide range of reactions online, from shock and disbelief to outrage. Social media platforms are flooded with posts and comments reflecting diverse perspectives on the issue.

Many condemn the Dalai Lama’s actions and call for an investigation, while others defend him, highlighting his commitment to peace, compassion, and human rights. Some suggest the video may be out of context or his actions innocent and playful.

Celebrities and public figures have also joined the debate, further increasing attention to the controversy. The video has sparked broader discussions on child protection, the role of spiritual leaders, and the dangers of blind devotion to any individual.

The online community remains divided, and the impact of the controversy on the Dalai Lama’s reputation and legacy is yet to be seen, as an official investigation may be underway.

Video do dalai lama beijando Leaked

IV. Watch Video do dalai lama beijando Leaked

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