The Marvels plot leak on Reddit

A recent leak of plot details for the highly-anticipated upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, The Marvels, has caused a stir among fans. The leak, which originated on Reddit, has generated both excitement and skepticism about what’s to come. According to a report “The Marvels plot leak on Reddit” on, the leak suggests that the film will explore a new planet and feature musical elements, which has left some fans wondering how it will fit into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Marvels plot leak on Reddit

I. What is The Marvels plot leak on Reddit?

The Marvels, the next Captain Marvel film directed by Nia DaCosta, may be more experimental than fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come to expect. The film will bring Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) to the screen for the first time, but the plot remains a well-kept secret for years.

However, a new leak has claimed to reveal some key details about The Marvels’ story, including one that was directly inspired by one of Carol Danvers’s strange space adventures. . According to this leak, about a third of The Marvels will follow Kamala, Monica, and Carol as they journey to a planet where people sing instead of talking to each other. Carol was brought to the musical planet Aladna by a mutant named Lila Cheney in the Captain Marvel Vol. 8 #9, where everyone rhymes.

However, there’s still very little actual information about The Marvels at the moment, so it’s impossible to know exactly how accurate these claims are. This could result in the majority of the film being turned into a musical, a format that the MCU brand hasn’t fully adopted yet. With the introduction of a new singing planet, The Marvels could turn out to be a compelling musical move, but whether the film can actually manage to do so, remains to be seen.

The Marvels plot leak on Reddit

II. Content The Marvels plot leak on Reddit

Zawe Ashton’s character on The Marvels is called Dar-Benn, a leader of the Kree. I tried looking for “sexual tension” scenes like the comments made, but couldn’t find any. In fact, Carol doesn’t trust Dar-Benn and she is the villain of the story. Dar-Benn frequently works for the Kree without factions or outside influence. In a flashback, she witnesses Carol attack the Supreme Intelligence, causing the villain’s growth. The Kree characters refer to Carol as “The Terminator,” and Dar-Benn doesn’t like the name.

Dar-Benn has a necklace with Kamala, but no one knows how she got it. She uses hoops to power her weapon, but she needs both hoops to be able to use this weapon. There’s a funny line when Dar-Benn asks Kamala how she got such an ancient and powerful necklace and Kamala replies “my grandmother sent it to me in the mail.” However, there is no other explanation for the occurrence of this ring.

The confrontation between the characters occurs in many different locations. Carol is trying to sneak into a Kree/Skrull peace summit because she doesn’t trust Dar-Benn. Monica is working at SWORD’s space station “The Peak” with Nick Fury. Meanwhile, Kamala is at home and all the Kree soldiers are attacking her. Finally, everyone reaches Khan’s living room, except for Kamala. The ending scene on the Ms Marvel show is a live shot from The Marvels.

After that, Carol tries to leave the house and fly away, but suddenly Kamala falls from the sky. Fury asks Kamala to help Carol because she is being attacked by a mysterious enemy. Kamala, instantly, transforms and attacks the enemy, rescuing Carol from danger. After they were both safe, Kamala revealed that she had been watching Carol since she left her house and learned that she was in danger.

Carol is grateful that Kamala saved her and asks her why she is following her. Kamala explains that she is a superhero and became a fan of Carol after reading about her adventures. Carol feels happy and says she will try to be a good hero so as not to disappoint Kamala. The two laughed and talked happily on the way back to Carol’s house.

The Marvels plot leak on Reddit

III. The online community’s reaction to The Marvels Plot Leak

The recent leak of The Marvels’ plot details has generated a frenzy among fans online, eliciting a mixture of excitement and skepticism. Many are thrilled by the prospect of seeing Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau teaming up and exploring a new planet while encountering alien cultures.

On the other hand, some fans are concerned about the rumored musical elements of the story. They worry that it might be challenging to fit them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that they could detract from the film’s overall tone or come across as cheesy and contrived.

Despite these mixed reactions, fans are still eagerly waiting for more information about The Marvels and the direction that the story will take. It remains to be seen how audiences will ultimately receive the leaked plot details, but the anticipation for the upcoming film continues to grow with each passing day.

The Marvels plot leak on Reddit
The Marvels plot leak on Reddit

IV. Video The Marvels plot leak on Reddit

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