Patricia Navarro-Velez: UNLV Assistant Professor and Shooting Victim

Patricia Navarro-Velez is a name that resonates with excellence and tragedy. Her academic achievements, including a Ph.D., MAcc, and BBA, reflect her dedication to accounting. With a background as the Director of Assurance Risk at PwC San Juan, her expertise extended to ITGC, SOC, and data assurance. However, Patricia Navarro-Velez’s life took an unfortunate turn during the UNLV shooting tragedy. As a victim of this senseless act, her memory remains etched in the hearts of many. For more details about Patricia Navarro-Velez and her contributions, visit The website offers insights into her academic and professional journey, ensuring her legacy endures.

Patricia Navarro-Velez: UNLV Assistant Professor and Shooting Victim
Patricia Navarro-Velez: UNLV Assistant Professor and Shooting Victim

I. Who is Patricia Navarro-Velez?

Patricia Navarro-Velez, known for her impressive academic background, holds several noteworthy qualifications. Her educational journey has been marked by significant achievements:

Patricia Navarro-Velez earned her Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Central Florida, demonstrating her commitment to advancing her field.
Prior to her doctorate, she completed her Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree at Bowling Green State University, further enhancing her expertise in the realm of accounting.
Her academic journey commenced with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Accounting from the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce. This laid the foundation for her future contributions to the field.

Patricia Navarro-Velez’s professional career has been distinguished by her role as Director of Assurance Risk at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) San Juan, Puerto Rico. In this capacity, she specialized in several critical areas:

Expertise in ITGC (Information Technology General Controls): Patricia Navarro-Velez’s extensive experience in ITGC reflects her deep understanding of technology-related controls and assessments. Her contributions in this domain were significant and underscored her commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of data systems.

Specialization in SOC (Service Organization Control): Her role involved providing assurance services related to SOC. This aspect of her professional background showcased her dedication to assessing and enhancing organizational controls and practices.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Patricia Navarro-Velez also served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Her academic role focused on the vital field of accounting information systems.

Tragically, Patricia Navarro-Velez’s life took an unexpected and sorrowful turn when she became involved in a tragic incident, which we will explore further in this narrative. This incident has left an indelible mark on her academic and professional community, and her memory continues to be cherished by those who knew her.

Who is Patricia Navarro-Velez?
Who is Patricia Navarro-Velez?

II. Tragic Shooting Incident

The UNLV shooting incident on December 7, 2023, was a devastating tragedy that sent shockwaves through the university community and beyond. It was a day marked by unimaginable sorrow and loss. Here is a brief summary of the incident:

On that fateful day, a shooting occurred on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The perpetrator, Anthony Polito, 67 years old, entered the UNLV campus, armed with a Taurus 9mm handgun that he legally obtained in 2022. He also carried 11 magazines of ammunition.

The shooting took place inside Beam Hall, a university building, shortly before noon. Law enforcement was alerted to the situation around 11:45 AM.

Patricia Navarro-Velez, a respected academic and UNLV Assistant Professor, tragically became one of the victims of this senseless act of violence. Her role as a victim and the circumstances of her passing are deeply saddening:

Her Role as a Victim: Patricia Navarro-Velez was among the individuals who found themselves caught in the midst of this tragic event. She was present inside Beam Hall when the shooting occurred, making her one of the victims of the incident.

Circumstances of Her Passing: Patricia Navarro-Velez’s passing was a result of multiple gunshot wounds inflicted during the shooting. The incident claimed her life, leaving her colleagues, students, and the entire UNLV community in mourning.

The loss of Patricia Navarro-Velez, along with other victims, was a heartbreaking moment that shook the foundations of the UNLV campus. Her memory lives on as a symbol of resilience and strength in the face of adversity, and her contributions to academia and her community continue to be cherished.

III. Community Response

UNLV’s Reaction

In the aftermath of the tragic UNLV shooting on December 7, 2023, the university’s response to the heartbreaking incident was characterized by swift and compassionate actions:

Immediate Action: UNLV took immediate and decisive action to address the crisis. Campus security and law enforcement responded promptly to contain the situation and ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Communication and Updates: The university kept the UNLV community and the public informed about the situation through regular updates and official communications. These updates were essential in providing clarity and guidance during a tumultuous time.

Support Services: UNLV activated support services to assist those affected by the tragedy. Counseling and mental health resources were made available to help students and staff cope with the emotional impact of the incident.

Support and Mourning

The UNLV community, along with the broader Las Vegas community, rallied together in a powerful display of support and mourning for the victims of the shooting:

Solidarity and Compassion: Students, faculty, and staff at UNLV showed unwavering solidarity and compassion for the victims and their families. Vigils, memorials, and gatherings were organized to remember those who were lost and to offer support to the survivors.

Outpouring of Condolences: Messages of condolences and support poured in from all corners of the university and the city of Las Vegas. The community stood together in this time of grief, showing the strength of their bonds.

Community Resilience: In the face of tragedy, the UNLV and Las Vegas communities demonstrated remarkable resilience. They refused to be defined by the senseless act of violence and instead united in their determination to honor the memories of those affected.

The response from UNLV and the broader community in the wake of the shooting highlighted the strength and compassion that can emerge during times of adversity. It served as a testament to the enduring spirit of unity and support that defines these communities.

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