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Mpumelelo Mseleku video: Queen Lolly shares a video of herself with Mpumelelo Mseleku in bed

In a recent scandal that has caught the attention of many, singer Queen Lolly has caused quite a stir by sharing a video featuring herself and Mpumelelo Mseleku in an intimate setting. This shocking revelation has taken the internet by storm, leaving fans and followers in disbelief. Stay tuned as we delve into the details of this controversial “Mpumelelo Mseleku video” and provide you with the latest developments surrounding this captivating story. Visit beefdaily.com.vn for the most up-to-date information on this intriguing saga.

Mpumelelo Mseleku video: Queen Lolly shares a video of herself with Mpumelelo Mseleku in bed
Mpumelelo Mseleku video: Queen Lolly shares a video of herself with Mpumelelo Mseleku in bed

I. What is Mpumelelo Mseleku video?

Mpumelelo is a remarkably young man who already has two official girlfriends whom he intends to marry and engage in a polygamous relationship with. Queen Lolly appears significantly older than Mpumelelo, which raises concerns.

Undoubtedly, his mother is disappointed because MaYeni never raised Mpumelelo to engage in intimate videos with an older woman. Mpumelelo explicitly advised Queen Lolly against capturing such a video, but she disregarded his request. It seems she deliberately wanted to showcase their relationship and possibly expose him.

Mpumelelo must learn to love himself more because his actions have tarnished his father’s reputation, as everyone initially attributed those videos to his father. Musa Mseleku is likely very angry with his son for this situation. It’s worth noting that Queen Lolly is a mistress who sought attention for her activities behind closed doors.

What is Mpumelelo Mseleku video?
What is Mpumelelo Mseleku video?

II. Mpumelelo Mseleku video: Queen Lolly shares a video of herself with Mpumelelo Mseleku in bed

III. Queen Lolly Sued

The 21-year-old football player has recently gained significant attention after singer Queen Lolly, known as Nomfundo Shezi, revealed that she is involved in a sexual relationship with him, making him a prominent topic of discussion.

During her appearance on the controversial YouTube show called Omakhwapheni, Queen Lolly played a recording of herself and the soccer player from Swallows FC being intimate in bed. However, the show’s host, Musa Khawula, and the viewers mistakenly assumed that she was referring to Mseleku Snr, who happens to have four wives.

Consequently, the host of the show uMnakwethu, Musa Khawula, took legal action by filing a cease and desist order against both the singer and Musa Khawula himself, on behalf of the Mseleku family. The letter demands the defendants to remove any defamatory and unlawful social media posts relating to the Mseleku family.

Queen Lolly Sued
Queen Lolly SuedQueen Lolly Sued

IV. “I Want To Advise You To Zip Your Pants Up”- Mseleku Reprimands His Son Following Scandal

Controversial singer Queen Lolly caused a significant uproar on social media when she shared an audio recording of herself allegedly engaging in a sexual encounter with someone named “Mseleku.” This revelation took place during an episode of Omakhwapheni, hosted by controversial blogger Musa Khawula.

There was some confusion among social media users regarding whether Queen Lolly was referring to Mseleku Junior or Mseleku Senior. In response to her claims, Mseleku took legal action by filing a cease and desist order on behalf of himself and his son against both Queen Lolly and Musa Khawula. The order demanded the removal of defamatory and illicit posts concerning the Mselekus from social media platforms.

Musa Mseleku traveled to Johannesburg to address his son’s misconduct. A video circulating on social media captured Mseleku’s arrival at the airport, where he engaged in a conversation with his son about the alleged sex scandal. Mseleku conveyed messages from his four wives—MaCele, MaYeni (Mpumelelo’s mother), MaKhumalo, and MaNgwabe.

“Don’t continue with what you are doing. I have been sent by your mothers. MaCele specifically warned you to stay away from relationships with older women. MaYeni, your mother, wants you to prioritize self-love and avoid getting involved in everything. Show love and care for yourself, protect yourself, and also protect the people you are dating,” he advised.

“MaKhumalo wonders why you didn’t speak up before you found yourself in this situation. We are here for you as your family. We are your protectors.”

“As your father, I’m telling you to stop and never repeat such actions. Women have the power to build you up or bring you down. Remember, we are here as your family, and we love you. Ultimately, you must take care of yourself. You may encounter negative spiritual influences, as well as detrimental health effects.”

Mseleku further advised his son to refrain from dating older women and advised him to apologize to his two partners. He assured Mpumelelo of his unwavering protection and emphasized that nothing would come between their family.

“I will always protect you. Nothing will come between our family,” he added.

In recent months, Queen Lolly has made claims of engaging in intimate encounters with various celebrities, including Big Zulu, Master KG, and the late South African rapper AKA. Many individuals have criticized her for publicizing her personal affairs and accused her of seeking attention and fame.

“I Want To Advise You To Zip Your Pants Up"- Mseleku Reprimands His Son Following Scandal
“I Want To Advise You To Zip Your Pants Up”- Mseleku Reprimands His Son Following Scandal

V. Musa Mseleku files a defamation lawsuit against Queen Lolly

Musa Mseleku has finally spoken out in response to the damaging allegations made by Queen Lolly against him and his son, Musa Mseleku Junior.

During an episode of Omakhwapheni, Queen Lolly caused quite a stir by making damning allegations against several popular celebrities. Her claims shook the country and garnered significant attention.

Once again, controversial media personality Queen Lolly is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. After previously claiming to be in relationships with Big Zulu and Master KG, she has now shared more scandalous details about her alleged affairs with various celebrities.

In a conversation with Musa Khawula, who co-hosted the podcast, Queen Lolly went a step further and claimed to be dating Musa Khawula himself. She even played an audio clip, alleging that it was recorded while she was in bed with Khawula.

According to ZAlebs, Musa Khawula responded to these allegations by taking legal action and filing a defamation of character lawsuit against Queen Lolly. A shared post of the legal documents reveals that Musa Mseleku is displeased with Queen Lolly for giving the impression that they had a sexual encounter.

Musa Mseleku files a defamation lawsuit against Queen Lolly
Musa Mseleku files a defamation lawsuit against Queen Lolly
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