Mokhanselara Klerksdorp ANC accused of statutory rape to make first court appearance

Mokhanselara Klerksdorp” is making headlines once again as an ANC councillor faces charges of statutory rape. The accused is set to make his first court appearance, and the details of the case are stirring up intense emotions among the public. To learn more about this developing story, visit beefdaily.com.vn for the latest updates and information.

Mokhanselara Klerksdorp ANC accused of statutory rape to make first court appearance

Mokhanselara Klerksdorp ANC accused of statutory rape to make first court appearance
Mokhanselara Klerksdorp ANC accused of statutory rape to make first court appearance

I. ANC Suspends ward 25 councillor

Former Ward 25 councillor Tebogo Elia Sepale has been suspended immediately following new allegations of sexual misconduct from several women. The situation was made even more serious with the surfacing of an image that appears to show Sepale engaging in sexual activity with a young male who may be a minor. The time and location of the incident have not yet been confirmed. However, it is clear that the person depicted in the image is the accused, Tebogo Elia Sepale. In addition, a video of Sepale, allegedly bragging about his sexual abilities, is being widely circulated on WhatsApp. In one of the trending videos, Sepale is also shown positioning the camera himself while recording the sexual acts.

ANC Suspends ward 25 councillor
ANC Suspends ward 25 councillor

II. Mokhanselara Klerksdorp ANC accused of statutory rape to make first court appearance

The crimen injuria charge against the councillor is based on allegations made by female victims who claim that he used his authority to make sexual advances towards them. One mother of a boy who was allegedly victimized expressed her anger, saying “I am heartbroken, I am heartbroken. If I see that man, I don’t know what I will do to him.”

The victims explained that the councillor abused his power to make sexual advances towards them. “The councillor really hurt us. I wanted him to help me with a letter as I had just opened a GBV NPO. He said I must sleep with him to get the letter,” one victim reported. Another added, “Even when you don’t need any help from him, he has a tendency of using his authority to make sexual advances to us.”

The African National Congress (ANC) staged a march to the Kanana Police Station to express their dissatisfaction with the police’s lack of action against gender-based violence. The party’s National Chairperson, Karabo Kau, stated that “all victims who suffered the terror of the ANC ward councillor who’s then arrested by now…their cases will be registered and they will receive case numbers in respect of their cases.”

Police have not ruled out the possibility of additional charges against the suspect. In response to the allegations, the ANC has suspended the councillor from his position.

III. The Party Response To The Matter

The ANC in the province has released a statement expressing shock at the incident involving Tebogo Elia Sepale and has taken action against him. The statement reads, “The ANC in the province has noted with shock of one of its public representatives engaged in sexual acts. We have also received a number of complaints against the said public representative from various women.” The party has pledged to support the victims and has suspended Sepale from the party with immediate effect. Additionally, one of the victims has opened a case against him with law enforcement agencies. The ANC has taken a strong stance against Sepale’s behavior and has suspended his membership with immediate effect, barring him from participating in any activities related to the party.

The Party Response To The Matter
The Party Response To The Matter

IV. Conclusion Mokhanselara Klerksdorp

An African National Congress (ANC) councillor from Klerksdorp is facing serious charges of two counts of statutory rape and one of crimen injuria. He is expected to appear at the Orkney Magistrate Court on Tuesday to face these charges. The charges stem from a video that surfaced on social media depicting the ward councillor from Matlosana Local Municipality engaged in sexual activity with a 15-year-old boy. Following this disturbing revelation, two cases of statutory rape were reported to the Kanana Police Station, which is located near Orkney. The councillor is now facing serious legal consequences for his actions.

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