Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok: Musical Attraction Lands On Social Networks

Join us in the wave of music that is causing fever on TikTok with the article “Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok: Musical Attraction Lands On Social Networks” at website. In this article, we will explore the Japanese songs that are taking the social media platform TikTok by storm. From soundtracks associated with popular anime series to emotional hits, join us as we explore the Japanese music culture that is spreading and influencing millions of users worldwide. Let’s catch up with the trend and feel the charm of the “lagu jepang” that are going viral on TikTok today.

Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok: Musical Attraction Lands On Social Networks
Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok

I. Introduction to the Trend of Japanese Songs Becoming Popular on TikTok

In recent years, the world has witnessed an interesting trend on the social media platform TikTok – the rise of Japanese songs. From pop to rock, from indie to electronic, music from the Land of the Rising Sun has found its way into the hearts of TikTok users worldwide. This phenomenon is not only reshaping the global music landscape but also highlighting the power of social media in promoting cultural exchange and diversity.

The importance of music in shaping trends on social media platforms cannot be overstated. Music is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. It has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and bring people together. On platforms like TikTok, a catchy tune or a powerful lyric can quickly become a trend, inspiring millions of users to create their own videos and interpretations. This, in turn, can catapult a song from obscurity to the top of global music charts almost overnight.

In the case of Japanese songs, their unique melodies, meaningful lyrics, and the cultural richness they convey have captured the imagination of TikTok users. Whether it’s a song from a popular anime or a track from an emerging Japanese artist, these songs are creating a buzz and setting trends on the platform. This trend underscores the significant role of music in shaping social media content, influencing user engagement, and promoting cultural appreciation and understanding.

Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok: Musical Attraction Lands On Social Networks

II. History of Japanese songs becoming popular on TikTok

The history of Japanese songs gaining popularity on TikTok is a fascinating journey. It’s a testament to the power of social media in shaping music trends and promoting cultural exchange.

The trend started gaining momentum around 2018, when TikTok, originally known as, was rebranded and started to gain global popularity. The platform’s unique format of short, user-generated videos set to music provided the perfect platform for songs to go viral.

One of the first Japanese songs to gain significant attention on TikTok was “Renai Circulation” from the anime “Bakemonogatari”. The catchy tune and memorable lyrics quickly caught on, with users creating their own videos and dances to the song.

Another notable example is the song “Gurenge” by LiSA, which is the opening theme for the popular anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. The song’s powerful melody and inspiring lyrics resonated with many users, leading to a surge in popularity on TikTok.

In recent years, songs from Japanese bands like “Ikimono Gakari” and “YOASOBI” have also gone viral on TikTok, further cementing the trend of Japanese music’s popularity on the platform.

Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok: Musical Attraction Lands On Social Networks

III. Lagu jepang viral tiktok

Currently, there are several Japanese songs that are creating a buzz on TikTok. These songs have not only gained popularity but also influenced the content creation on the platform.

Ikimono Gakari – Blue Bird: This song by the Japanese band Ikimono Gakari has become a sensation on TikTok. Originally known for being the opening theme for the anime series “Naruto Shippuden”, “Blue Bird” has found a new life on TikTok. Users are drawn to its upbeat melody and inspiring lyrics, leading to a multitude of creative videos featuring the song. The song’s influence on TikTok has also led to a resurgence of its popularity worldwide. Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok

YOASOBI – Yoru Ni Kakeru: Another Japanese song that has gone viral on TikTok is “Yoru Ni Kakeru” by YOASOBI. This song stands out with its electronic music elements and futuristic sound. The song tells the story of someone striving to achieve their dreams despite facing obstacles. Its motivational message resonates with many TikTok users, inspiring a wide range of content on the platform.

Other Trending Japanese Songs on TikTok: Besides “Blue Bird” and “Yoru Ni Kakeru”, there are other Japanese songs that are trending on TikTok. These include “Pretender” by Official HIGE DANDism, “Koi” by Gen Hoshino, and “Lemon” by Kenshi Yonezu. Each of these songs has its unique charm and has inspired a variety of creative content on TikTok.

These songs demonstrate the significant influence of Japanese music on TikTok trends and the platform’s power in promoting songs to a global audience.

IV. Analysis and Impact of Popular Songs

Musically, a song that becomes popular often has a catchy melody or a unique sound that stands out. Lyrics that resonate with users, whether through relatable themes or inspiring messages, also play a crucial role. The cultural context, such as a song’s association with a popular anime or a trending topic, can further boost its popularity. Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok

On TikTok, user interaction is a key factor. A song can become popular if it inspires creative user-generated content, such as dances, skits, or challenges. The more users engage with a song in their videos, the more visibility the song gets on the platform, leading to a viral trend.

The impact of a song becoming popular on TikTok can be significant. For the artists, it can lead to increased recognition and career opportunities. For the music industry, it highlights the power of social media in promoting music and shaping trends. For users, it provides a creative outlet and a way to connect with others.

Moreover, the popularity of songs from different cultures, such as Japanese songs, promotes cultural exchange and diversity. It allows users worldwide to discover and appreciate music they might not encounter otherwise, fostering global understanding and appreciation for different cultures.

Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok: Musical Attraction Lands On Social Networks


1. Lagu jepang anime

Anime, a style of animation that originated and is still heavily centered in Japan, has given rise to a unique form of musical expression. Anime songs, often referred to as ‘Anisong’, are usually used as theme songs for various anime series and are performed by some of the most recognized artists in Japan. These songs often capture the essence of the anime they represent, with lyrics and melodies that reflect the themes and emotions of the series.

One of the most iconic anime songs is “Blue Bird” by Ikimono Gakari, which served as the opening theme for the anime series “Naruto Shippuden”. The song’s uplifting melody and hopeful lyrics encapsulate the spirit of the series’ protagonist, Naruto, making it a favorite among fans. On TikTok, “Blue Bird” has inspired countless user-generated videos, further amplifying its reach and popularity.

Another notable anime song is “Gurenge” by LiSA, the opening theme for the hit anime series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. The song’s powerful melody and inspiring lyrics have resonated with fans worldwide, leading to its widespread popularity on various music streaming platforms.

2. Lagu jepang romantis

Japanese music, known for its emotional depth and lyrical beauty, has produced many romantic songs that have touched the hearts of listeners. These songs often feature heartfelt lyrics and melodies that perfectly encapsulate the feelings of love and longing.

One such song is “Lemon” by Kenshi Yonezu, a melancholic yet beautiful song about love and loss. The song’s poignant lyrics and Yonezu’s emotive vocals have made it a favorite among listeners seeking a deeply moving musical experience.

“Pretender” by Official HIGE DANDism is another popular romantic Japanese song. Known for its touching lyrics about unrequited love, the song has struck a chord with many listeners, making it one of the most streamed Japanese songs.

3. Lagu jepang populer

Japanese music encompasses a wide range of genres, from pop and rock to electronic and classical. Over the years, many Japanese songs have gained international popularity, thanks to the global reach of music streaming platforms and social media. “Ikimono Gakari’s “Blue Bird” and YOASOBI’s “Yoru Ni Kakeru” are among the most popular Japanese songs today. Both songs have topped music charts in Japan and have been streamed millions of times on platforms like Spotify, demonstrating the global appeal of Japanese music.

4. Lagu jepang sedih

Japanese music is also known for its ability to evoke deep emotions, and this is particularly true for sad songs. These songs often feature melancholic melodies and poignant lyrics that touch on themes of loss, longing, and heartbreak. Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok

One of the most iconic sad Japanese songs is “Lemon” by Kenshi Yonezu. The song, which talks about dealing with the loss of a loved one, has resonated with many listeners, making it one of the most streamed Japanese songs.

Another notable sad song is “Ichiban no Takaramono” by Karuta from the anime “Angel Beats!”. The song’s deeply emotional lyrics and moving melody have made it a favorite among fans of the series and listeners who appreciate emotionally charged music.

Lagu Jepang Viral Tiktok: Musical Attraction Lands On Social Networks

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