Just looking like a wow original Video and instagram id

Social media has the incredible power to take everyday moments and transform them into viral sensations. The Just looking like a wow original Video and instagram id  latest example of this comes from Yashraj Mukhate, a popular Indian music composer and content creator known for catchy tunes made from viral sounds. Mukhate recently struck gold again by turning an enthusiastic woman’s clothing sales pitch into a new musical meme that captivated Instagram. Following beefdaily.com.vn !

Just looking like a wow original Video and instagram id
Just looking like a wow original Video and instagram id

The Original “Just Looking Like a Wow” Video

The viral seeds were planted in a short video featuring Jasmeen Kaur, the proprietor of Designer Machhi Suits Live. In the clip, Kaur energetically promotes ethnic Indian outfits from her ladies clothing shop in Delhi. While modeling a red and yellow salwar kameez, she enthusiastically endorses the outfit’s uniqueness by declaring, “Just looking like a wow!”

Her spirited sales pitch and colorful description of the garment caught the attention of social media users in India. Soon, the short video spread across Facebook and Instagram, gaining traction for Kaur’s distinctive style.

While entertaining, few could have imagined the viral possibilities of her “Just looking like a wow!” line. That was until Mukhate got ahold of it.

Yashraj Mukhate’s Musical Transformation

Yashraj Mukhate is a popular music composer based in Aurangabad, India. He has gained significant fame on Instagram by creatively transforming viral dialogues and sounds into catchy musical productions.

Mukhate has crafted songs from ironic lyrics, workplace fumbles, television news clips, and more. His unique comedic style frequently generates tunes that go massively viral across Indian social media, earning millions of views.

When Mukhate came across the “Just looking like a wow!” footage, he immediately saw its potential for musical adaptation. Mukhate artfully extracted Kaur’s one-liner and built an entire composition around it, complete with a dance beat and his signature absurdist flair.

Shared on his Instagram account, Mukhate’s video depicts him enthusiastically rapping and dancing to the remixed sales pitch. Playing off the original context, he styles himself in a headscarf and answers Kaur’s line by exclaiming “What a wow!”

The post immediately gained traction online, earning over 5 million Instagram views in just a few days. Fans praised Mukhate’s contagious energy and skillful blending of the source material.

Going Viral: Reactions and Support

Part of the viral equation was the ecstatic response of Jasmeen Kaur herself. Finding herself featured in one of Mukhate’s signature tunes, she expressed enthusiasm by commenting with heart-eyed emojis.

Mukhate’s remix also earned the fandom of top Indian actress Deepika Padukone. She shared her own Instagram video energetically lip-syncing to Kaur’s line in Mukhate’s remix.

These supportive reactions from the original creator and a major celebrity helped amplify the Instagram hit. Additional shares, remixes, and lip-sync videos from fans ensued.

Mukhate’s creation elevated the visibility of Kaur and her clothing business across India. This transformation mirrors the viral fame Mukhate brought to the “Rasode Mein Kaun Tha” TV scene in 2020. Once again, he has taken a short viral clip and spun it into Instagram gold.

The Appeal of Transformation Videos

A major part of the appeal of “Just looking like a wow” is bearing witness to the source footage transforming into an absurdist musical experience. Mukhate’s video operates by constantly juxtaposing the original context of the clothes sales pitch with the remixed version.

Seeing Kaur speak the line in her shop compared to hearing it autotuned and set to music creates the humor. Mukhate utilizes editing and clever timing to reinvent the mundane as musical. This seems to tickle the humor of Indian social media users in a particular way.

Music also represents an easy way for people to participate in the meme. As evidenced by Deepika Padukone, the simplified lyrics made it effortless for others to create their own lip-sync and dance videos. The virality stems from participatory culture enabled by the musical format.

Mukhate’s Formula for Viral Success

Yashraj Mukhate possesses an innate talent for identifying sounds and spoken words with inherent viral potential. His remixing skills and comedic flair transform mundane moments into shareable sensations.

Mukhate has explained his process, saying he watches hundreds of small viral clips to find source material he can reinvent. When inspiration strikes, he acts quickly to capitalize on trends, producing catchy music people enjoy sharing.

Mukhate is also adept at promoting his remixes. He frequently credits and tags the creators of source videos. Kaur’s excited response to getting the “wow” treatment demonstrates the mutually beneficial relationships Mukhate forms through his viral content.

As social media continues generating funny meme fodder, Mukhate appears well positioned to turn these moments into hit songs. Music has a way of tapping into the human desire for connection. Through his comedic remixes, Mukhate will likely continue bringing joy across Indian social media for the foreseeable future.

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