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How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam

Welcome to! In this article, we will give you “How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam“. With an understanding of Islam’s views and values on sex, we will guide you on how to practice Islam to control your behavior and build a more spiritual and ethical life. Explore with us methods to increase spiritual awareness, seek support from ascetics and knowledgeable people, and engage in other activities to build a meaningful life according to religion. Islam. Start your journey today to stop self-indulgence forever and find sexual fulfillment according to the principles of Islam.

How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam
How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam

I. Popularity of selfie in today’s society

In today’s society, masturbation (also known as masturbation) has become a common issue and reflects a change in conceptions of sexuality and individual freedom. However, from the point of view of Islam, this practice is not encouraged or prohibited. Islam considers sex to be an important front in life, and is only allowed in marital relationships.

In the view of Islam, the act of self-indulgence is seen as a violation of moral and ethical principles, because it loses the fidelity and sanctity of sex. Islam recommends that one should remain chaste and show patience, wait and maintain sexual relations only in a marriage relationship.

While masturbation is difficult and can lead to psychological and emotional disturbances, Islam emphasizes that self-control and respect for sexual morality are the best ways to live a healthy life. live according to the principles and values of Islam.

Emphasizing Islam’s view that selfies are discouraged or prohibited is intended to remind and guide the Muslim community to hold fast to the limits of sexual morality and to seek other ways of expressing affection. love and sexual discipline in marital relationships.

Popularity of selfie in today's society
Popularity of selfie in today’s society

II. Islamic views on sex

Islam has particular views and values about sex, including rules and principles about maintaining purity and observing sexual morality. This view is holistic and respects the place of sex in a marriage relationship.

Islamic rules and values about sex include:

Focus on chastity: Islam considers maintaining sexual purity an important factor. Sex outside of marriage is considered a violation of the morals and principles of Islam. Purity applies not only to material behavior but also to thought and conduct.

Respect sexual morality: Islam encourages its followers to maintain morality in sex. This includes following gay rules, avoiding violent sexual behavior, and respecting others’ right to self-determination about engaging or not engaging in sexual behavior.

Towards sex only within marriage: Islam considers marriage as the only environment for performing sexual relations. The goal is to build a family and maintain close emotional relationships, and to facilitate the reproduction and growth of the family.

The maintenance of sexual relations only within marriage from the point of view of Islam is aimed at ensuring the completeness and holiness of sex, contributing to the building of a stable society and a happy family. Islam encourages the practice of sex in a family environment where love, respect and responsibility play an important role.

III. How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam

To stop taking selfies forever and forever from the point of view of Islam, you can refer to the following steps and methods:

Seek guidance and support: Seek guidance and support from someone knowledgeable about Islam, such as a cleric or someone who understands Islamic values and rules about sex. They can give you specific advice and help you develop strategies for controlling your desires.

Increase Spiritual Consciousness: Take time to increase spiritual consciousness by doing activities such as praying, reading the Quran, and learning about the teachings of Islam. Mastering the Islamic principles and values of sex will help you to build a strong sense and will to control your desires.

Avoid stimuli and temptations: Identify triggers and sexy situations that often make you feel tempted to take a selfie. Limit your exposure to sexually suggestive content, avoid lonely situations, and keep your mind focused on other activities that don’t involve sex.

Practice self-control: Develop self-control by setting goals and working to achieve them. Train your mind to resist temptation and control lust. Practice patience and strong will to stop taking selfies.

Find support from others: Surround yourself with friends and family who share your values and goals. Share your problems and goals with them to get support, encouragement and help in changing habits.

How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam
How To Stop Masterburate Forever Permanently Islam

IV. Some ways for Muslims to control behavior

Seek support and advice from a shaman or an Islamic expert: Seek advice and guidance from a shaman or someone knowledgeable about Islamic principles and values regarding sex. They can give you specific information and advice based on the teachings of Islam and their experiences.

Increase Spiritual Consciousness: Regularly do activities that increase spiritual consciousness such as praying and reading the Quran. This helps you connect with Allah and strengthens the will to control desires. Master and apply Islamic principles and values about sex in everyday life.

Engage in other activities: Find new hobbies and engage in other productive activities to keep your mind and body busy. This helps reduce feelings of loneliness and helps you find new skills, develop creativity, and achieve personal goals. Engage in volunteering or community involvement to engage with others and create a supportive environment around you.

While practicing Islam for behavioral control is an individual process and requires patience, the support of the shaman, increasing spiritual awareness, and engaging in other activities can help you on this path. Always remember that Allah is merciful and will always be willing to forgive and encourage you on this journey.

Some ways for Muslims to control behavior
Some ways for Muslims to control behavior

V. Video How To Stop Masturbating In Islam

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