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How to get better at warding league?

How to get better at warding league? This is a question that many League of Legends players have asked themselves. In this article from, we will provide you with tips and tricks to improve your warding skills. With the help of experts, we will guide you through learning important warding positions, using warding equipment effectively, and developing the necessary skills to improve your vision on the map. By following the secrets and experiences shared in this article, we hope you will become a more skilled and successful warding player in League of Legends.

How to get better at warding league?

I. How to get better at warding league?

Improving your warding skills in League of Legends can significantly impact your gameplay and contribute to your team’s success. Here are some tips to help you get better at warding:

  • Learn optimal warding spots: Familiarize yourself with the best locations for ward placement, such as river entrances, jungle intersections, and objectives like Dragon and Baron. Watch professional games and read guides to understand the most effective warding spots.
  • Develop map awareness: Consistently check your minimap to monitor enemy movements and identify areas that need vision. Good map awareness helps you place wards effectively and make informed decisions.
  • Communicate with your team: Coordinate with your teammates to ensure proper ward coverage and share information on enemy movements. Encourage them to contribute to warding and share their vision with the team.
  • Adapt to the game’s progression: As the game progresses, objectives and priorities may change. Be adaptable and adjust your ward placements according to the current situation and enemy strategies.
  • Track enemy wards: Pay attention to where enemies place their wards and use Control Wards or sweeping trinkets to deny their vision. Denying enemy vision can provide a significant advantage in fights and objective control.
  • Practice: Like any other skill, practice is essential. Warding in various situations and learning from your experiences will help you improve your warding skills over time.
  • Review your games: Watch replays of your games and analyze your ward placements. Identify areas where you could have warded better and learn from your mistakes.
  • Upgrade your trinket: As the game progresses, consider swapping your Warding Totem to Oracle Lens, especially if you are a support or jungler. This will help you deny enemy vision and control the map more effectively.

By following these tips and consistently working on your warding skills, you will see a noticeable improvement in your gameplay and overall map control.

How to get better at warding league

II. Find out where to put the ward

In League of Legends, placing “wards” (vision providing items) helps your team gain vision on the map, revealing enemy positions and avoiding ganks (surprise attacks). Here are some important locations to place wards on the map:

  • River: Place wards between the mid and bot lanes, as well as between the mid and top lanes. This helps you monitor enemy activities and detect unexpected attacks.
  • Jungle: Place wards at intersections and crossroads within both teams’ jungles. This helps you track enemy movements and protect your jungle area.
  • Dragon and Baron Pits: Place wards around the Dragon and Baron areas to keep an eye on enemy activities and prepare for major fights.
  • Buff Camps: Place wards around both teams’ Blue and Red Buff locations to monitor enemy movements and potentially steal buffs.
  • Turrets: Place wards around the turrets of both teams to detect enemy attacks and protect your own turrets.
  • Flanking Points: Place wards at flanking spots on the map to reveal enemies attempting to flank your team from behind.

To learn the best ward placement, refer to tutorial videos, watch professional players’ matches, and practice to master effective warding. Additionally, communicate with your teammates and cooperate in placing wards to ensure the best vision for your team.

Find out where to put the ward

III. Use “ward” equipment effectively

There are various types of “ward” items in League of Legends, and understanding how to use them efficiently and effectively is crucial. Below are some tips for using “ward” items effectively and the necessary skills for using them professionally:

1. Types of “ward” items:

  • Stealth Ward (also called “green ward”): Provides vision in a specific area for a limited time.
  • Control Ward (previously called “pink ward”): Provides vision and detects enemy Stealth Wards, traps, and camouflaged units within its range.

2. Tips for using “ward” items effectively:

  • Place wards at strategic locations such as river entrances, jungle intersections, and near objectives like Dragon and Baron.
  • Use Control Wards to deny enemy vision and protect objectives.
  • Prioritize placing wards at choke points and high-traffic areas to monitor enemy movement.
  • Place wards timely around objectives or expected enemy movements.
  • Replace expired wards and be mindful of your ward limits (3 Stealth Wards and 1 Control Ward per player).
    Use “ward” equipment effectively

3. Necessary skills for using “ward” items professionally:

  • Map awareness: Continuously monitor the map to identify threats, ganks, or objective contests.
  • Communication: Coordinate with teammates to ensure sufficient vision and share information about enemy movements.
  • Adaptability: Adjust ward placement based on the game’s progress, objectives, and enemy strategies.
  • Prediction: Anticipate enemy movements and place wards accordingly to gain an advantage.
  • Resource management: Keep track of your ward inventory and purchase additional wards when needed.

By understanding the different types of ward items and applying these tips and skills, you can use wards effectively, contribute to your team’s overall success, and enhance your gaming experience.

IV. Improving map vision

Skills for observing and monitoring enemy activity on the map.
How to use “pink ward” and “oracle lens” to enhance vision and remove enemy wards.

  • Map awareness: Develop the habit of frequently checking the minimap to spot enemy movements and potential threats. Keep an eye on your teammates’ positions and anticipate potential ganks or objective contests.
  • Ward placement: Place wards at strategic locations, such as river entrances, jungle intersections, and near objectives like Dragon and Baron. Use Stealth Wards (green) for general vision and Control Wards (pink) to deny enemy vision and detect their wards.
  • Communication: Coordinate with your teammates to cover all critical areas on the map, and share information about enemy movements, ward locations, and objective timers. Pinging the map and using chat can help convey important information quickly.
  • Control Ward usage: Place Control Wards (pink wards) in key locations to deny enemy vision, detect their wards, and protect objectives. Prioritize placing Control Wards in high-traffic areas and around objectives. Replace them as needed, but be mindful of your ward limits (1 Control Ward per player).
  • Oracle Lens usage: Purchase Oracle Lens (sweeper trinket) to detect and clear enemy wards, traps, and camouflaged units within its range. Use it to clear vision around objectives, in high-traffic areas, or to set up ambushes. Coordinate with your teammates to cover multiple areas and deny vision more effectively.
  • Adaptability: Adjust your warding strategy based on the game’s progress, objectives, and enemy strategies. Be prepared to change your ward locations and prioritize different areas depending on the current state of the game.

By practicing these skills and using pink wards and oracle lenses effectively, you can improve your map vision, gain better control over the game, and help your team secure objectives more easily.

Improving map vision

V. Search terms related to “how to get better at warding league”

1. LoL Ward item

In League of Legends, ward items are crucial for map vision and tracking enemy movements and objectives. The two primary ward items are Stealth Ward (green ward or yellow trinket) and Control Ward (pink or vision ward). Stealth Wards grant temporary vision in a specific area, while Control Wards reveal enemy Stealth Wards, traps, and camouflaged units. The Oracle Lens (red trinket) helps detect and reveal invisible units, Stealth Wards, and traps. Proper warding and vision control are vital skills for all players, assisting in gathering information, avoiding ganks, and securing objectives effectively.

2. Oracle lens league

In League of Legends, the Oracle Lens (or “red trinket”) is a key vision item that clears enemy vision and detects invisible units. Activating the Oracle Lens temporarily reveals and disables invisible units, Stealth Wards, and traps in a certain range around the player. It is useful for clearing enemy vision around objectives, sweeping areas before ambushes, and denying enemy vision control. Players can switch their default Warding Totem (yellow trinket) to the Oracle Lens for free in the in-game shop, typically after level 9 or when focusing on objectives and vision control. Use the Oracle Lens wisely and communicate with your team to maximize its effectiveness.

3. Pink ward lol

In League of Legends, the “pink ward” (also known as Control Ward) is an important vision-related item. It provides vision, detects, and reveals Stealth Wards, traps, and camouflaged enemy units within its range. Control Wards can be purchased from the shop for 75 gold, and each player can place a maximum of one Control Ward on the map at a time.

4. Mobatic

Mobalytics is an analytical platform for League of Legends players, providing personalized insights, champion statistics, and tools to improve gameplay and performance.

5. LoL chat commands

In League of Legends, chat commands are useful tools for communication and game settings. Here are some essential chat commands:

  • /all or /a: Send a message to all players in the game, including opponents.
  • /mute or /m: Mute a specific player’s chat.
  • /unmute: Unmute a specific player’s chat.
  • /ignore: Mute a specific player’s chat and pings.
  • /ping or /ms: Display your current ping and latency.
  • /ff or /surrender: Initiate a surrender vote for your team.
  • /pause: Pause a custom game (if enabled).
  • /unpause or /resume: Resume a paused custom game.
  • /help or /?: Display a list of available chat commands.

6. Roaming league of legends

In League of Legends, roaming is when a player temporarily leaves their lane to assist other lanes, secure objectives, or pressure the enemy team. Often done by mid laners and supports, successful roaming requires good timing, vision control, map awareness, communication, objective focus, efficiency, and timely return to the original lane. Roaming helps create advantages for your team and can impact the game’s outcome.

VI. Video How to get better at warding league?


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