El Cholo Autopsy: What Really Happened?

The death of Carlos Enrique Sanchez Martinez, also known as El Cholo, has been shrouded in mystery and controversy since news of his murder broke. However, the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear.

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El Cholo Autopsy: What Really Happened?
El Cholo Autopsy: What Really Happened?

I. Who was El Cholo?

El Cholo, whose real name was Carlos Enrique Sánchez Martinez, was the alleged leader of the Nueva Plaza Cartel, a criminal organization based in Mexico. He was reportedly a former member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) but left the organization after a rift occurred in 2017 following the murder of a financial operator for CJNG. El Cholo formed his own criminal group, the Nueva Plaza Cartel, which was in conflict with the CJNG. He was found dead in March 2021, apparently having been tortured and killed by members of the CJNG.

El Cholo Autopsy: What Really Happened?

II. El Cholo Autopsy: What Really Happened?

1. What happened to El Cholo?

The murder of Carlos Enrique Sánchez, aka “El Cholo” – who is believed to be the leader of the Nueva Plaza Cartel – has shocked Mexico in March 2021. Details of El Cholo’s autopsy show he was tortured before being shot dead. El Cholo photos body was found on a bench, wrapped in bags and marked with knives.

2. Cause of death El Cholo

The cause of El Cholo’s death showed signs of brutal torture before his death. He had high-voltage electric shock burns, multiple broken bones in both legs at the level of the shin, knee and thigh, indicating that they were broken to immobilize him while he was still alive, his eyes he had been gouged out, and his toes were broken, with one of his toes severed. He also had four deep head wounds and one gunshot wound. It is clear that he endured extreme violence and cruelty before his death.

3. El Cholo Autopsy report Result

The autopsy of El Cholo revealed that according to La Opinión, leaked information on social media indicated that he was subjected to brutal torture, in addition to burn marks caused by high voltage electric clamps. The perpetrators of his murder left evidence of broken bones in both legs at the height of the shinbone, knee, and thigh bones, which were used to immobilize him while he was still alive. It also indicated that his eyes were gouged out, bones in eight toes were broken, and one was severed. His tongue was allegedly pulled out but not cut off. He also had four deep wounds on his head and a gunshot wound.

El Cholo Autopsy: What Really Happened?

III. New details on the El Cholo case.

El Cholo was a member of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) but later formed his own criminal group called the Nueva Plaza Cartel. In a recorded conversation, he admitted to being responsible for several violent incidents, including a grenade attack on the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara and a recent massacre in Tonalá that claimed the lives of 11 people. He also claimed to have support from the Guadalajara police and Omar García Harfuch, the Minister of Citizen Security of Mexico City, in facing the CJNG.

The rift between El Cholo and the CJNG occurred in March 2017, following the murder of a man known as “El Colombiano,” who was accused of being the financial operator of the CJNG. El Colombiano was killed in a parking lot of a supermarket in Puerto Vallarta, allegedly on the orders of El Cholo. This incident led to a wave of violence between the two drug cartels.

El Cholo was reportedly close to the CJNG leader, El Mencho, and knew the organization’s structure. However, he decided to form his own criminal group to oppose El Mencho’s organization. The conflict between the two cartels resulted in tragic consequences, and El Cholo’s autopsy revealed the extent of Nemesio Oseguera’s revenge on his enemies, particularly those who betrayed him.

El Cholo Autopsy: What Really Happened?

IV. Related questions

1. Is this an El Cholo execution?

It could be argued that El Cholo’s death was a revenge from El Mencho’s gang, especially if El Cholo is said to have betrayed and become a threat to his organization. Conflicts between drug gangs are frequent and those associated with these gangs often face the risk of losing their lives.

2. El Cholo autopsy photos on Reddit

Refer to the above information at the following link: https://www.reddit.com/r/eyeblech/comments/v2f0fu/el_cholo_autopsy_photos/

V. El Cholo video

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