Alexis frulling original Video : Watch calgary stampede sandwich Reddit

When Alexis Frulling casually constructed a ridiculously over-the-top sandwich bursting with meats, cheeses, and condiments last July, she had no idea it would catapult her to internet fame. Her viral “calgary stampede sandwich” video racked up millions of views seemingly overnight, sparking endless memes and tributes to the Alberta influencer’s ironic humor. Seemingly benign at first, Alexis’ playful creation of the absurd “stampede sandwich reddit” celebrated cuisine would prove career altering. Practically overnight, her YouTube subscribers and viewership skyrocketed to heights previously unimaginable. Alexis had suddenly gone from small-time vlogger to viral sensation thanks to one preposterous piled-high sandwich. This cemented her status as a rising star and enabled the Calgary native to embrace influencing full-time. The origins of the “alexis frulling original video” were humble, but it became an iconic moment in the history of internet virality. Following !

Alexis frulling original Video
Alexis frulling original Video

Who is Alexis Frulling – Calgary YouTuber ?

Alexis Frulling is a 22-year-old YouTuber and influencer based in Calgary, Canada. With her bubbly personality and candid vlogs about everyday life, she has garnered over 300,000 subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Alexis posts lifestyle vlogs, comedy sketches, and other relatable content about experiences like friendship, dating, work, and more. Her videos showcase her quirky sense of humor and ability to poke fun at the absurdities of internet culture.

Originally from Calgary, Alexis started her YouTube channel back in 2015 while still in high school. She began gaining more of a following in 2017 by vlogging about her real life as a teen navigating school, family, and growing up.

Her longtime boyfriend Will also appears frequently in videos, adding to the humor and appeal. Alexis entertainingly documents life as a young creator and influencer.

The Origin Story of the Viral “alexis frulling stampede” Video

In July 2021, Alexis Frulling cemented her fame when she posted a video titled “Validating Myself By Making An Overcomplicated Calgary Stampede Lunch.” This hilarious video quickly exploded, earning over 2 million views.

The “alexis frulling original video” featured Alexis crafting an extremely absurd and messy “Stampede sandwich” with multiple meats, cheeses, sauces, and other ridiculous toppings. She played up the irony of making such an over-the-top sandwich just to post online for validation.

Her brilliant self-deprecating humor and winking critique of internet culture touched a nerve. The timing of the Calgary Stampede also helped the video spread rapidly. It became a viral sensation, especially on Reddit, where it inspired countless memes.

Thorough Breakdown of the “alexis frulling original video”

Let’s closely analyze the “alexis frulling stampede” video that earned Alexis Frulling viral fame and over 2 million views.

The video opens with shots of the Calgary Stampede fairgrounds. Alexis outlines her silly goal to make an absurdly complex sandwich to post online for self-validation.

In her kitchen, she shows the ridiculous number of ingredients she’ll use. There’s four meats, multiple cheeses, countless sauces and toppings, veggies, and more.

Alexis self-deprecatingly jokes about the pointless effort she’s putting in just for social media fame. We then see a montage of her laboriously constructing the behemoth sandwich.

Finally, the completed sandwich is revealed in all its ridiculous glory. Alexis marvels that it tastes as over-the-top as it looks. After listing all the absurd ingredients again, she reminds viewers to like and subscribe.

Changes to Alexis’s Channel After the “calgary stampede sandwich reddit” Video

The instant virality of the “calgary stampede sandwich” video drastically increased Alexis’s popularity and altered her channel’s direction.

Her subscribers jumped from 130k to over 300k within two months. Average views per video also doubled, from ~100k to ~200k. It was a massive growth spurt.

Alexis capitalized by skewing her content more toward self-aware commentary satirizing internet trends. Her videos featured increased sketch comedy and playful vlogs with Will, often offering tongue-in-cheek “life hacks.”

This strategic shift toward meta-humor helped Alexis stand out in the crowded YouTube space while delighting her new found audience. The “stampede sandwich reddit” video was a breakout moment.

Dissecting the Success of the “alexis frulling calgary stampede” Video

There are several factors that enabled the “alexis frulling calgary stampede” video to strike a chord with millions:

Relatable humor – Alexis’ self-deprecating jokes about seeking internet fame despite the absurdity resonated as very genuine.

Cultural commentary – The video’s wry satire of social media validation and over-the-top internet content was spot-on.

Personality – Alexis’ bubbly on-screen charm enhanced the hilarity.

Timeliness – Tapping into the Calgary Stampede massively amplified interest.

Viral friendly content – The memeable humor lent itself perfectly to sharing on forums like Reddit.

By displaying her authentic personality while providing insightful cultural commentary, Alexis created the perfect viral storm with her “alexis frulling reddit” sandwich video.

Alexis Frulling’s Ongoing YouTube Presence Since “stampede sandwich reddit”

The viral “stampede sandwich” video gave Alexis’ channel an enduring boost. She continues to post weekly, focusing on comedy sketches, vlogs, and other videos satirizing internet trends.

Notable recent popular videos include “Cooking Perfect Stampede Mini Donuts at Home,” “Giving My Boyfriend a TikTok Makeover,” and “Weird Products Only Found at the Calgary Stampede.”

Alexis now has over 400k YouTube subscribers. She also leverages her Instagram and TikTok with over 100k and 500k followers respectively.

Collabs with top YouTubers have further expanded her audience. Alexis’ ironic humor remains her specialty, delighting her loyal fanbase.

What’s Next for Alexis Frulling After the Viral “alexis frulling reddit” Moment?

The “Original Stampede sandwich” video will go down as a career-defining moment for Alexis Frulling. It skyrocketed her to influencer fame and cemented her comedic brand.

Looking ahead, Alexis appears well-positioned for continued growth. She could aim to hit 1 million YouTube subscribers over the next year.

Diversifying her content with more sketch comedy, increased production value, and leveraging new platforms like TikTok will help broaden her audience. There is also room to enhance her branding through merchandise.

While it’s impossible to predict another viral smash like the “alexis frulling stampede” video, Alexis now has a formula that clearly resonates. Her authentic humor and meta-commentary on internet culture is brilliantly entertaining.

At just 22, Alexis Frulling’s influencer career seems poised to continue rising. Thanks to her viral “calgary stampede sandwich” moment, she’s on track to become one of Canada’s top creators.

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