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50 Funny and Clever Borg Names for Your Next Star Trek-Themed Party

If you’re planning a Star Trek-themed party, you can’t forget about the Borg! One of the most iconic alien races in the Star Trek universe, the Borg are known for their distinctive look and their collective consciousness. And of course, no Borg-themed party would be complete without clever and funny Borg names for your guests to adopt. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the best Borg names to inspire your next Star Trek party.

50 Funny and Clever Borg Names for Your Next Star Trek-Themed Party
50 Funny and Clever Borg Names for Your Next Star Trek-Themed Party

I. The Basics of Borg Naming

Before we dive into our list of funny and clever Borg names, let’s take a closer look at how Borg names are typically constructed. Borg names consist of two parts: a numerical designation and a personal identifier. The numerical designation indicates the order in which the Borg was assimilated, while the personal identifier is a unique name chosen by the Borg themselves.

II. Funny and Clever Borg Names

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are 50 funny and clever Borg names to consider for your party:

  1. Borgy Mcborgface
  2. Assimilator Jones
  3. The Borg Queen Bee
  4. Resistance Is Futile Fred
  5. Locutus of the Dancefloor
  6. We Are Borg
  7. The Borg Collective Consciousness
  8. The Borg Collective Unconsciousness
  9. The Borginator
  10. Seven of Wine
  11. The Borgle
  12. The Assimilator
  13. The Borg of War
  14. The Borg Whisperer
  15. The Borg-alicious
  16. The Borginator 2: Judgment Day
  17. The Borg Hole-in-One
  18. The Borg Gatsby
  19. The Borg of Steel
  20. The Borg-er King
  21. The Borg-o-lantern
  22. The Borgfather
  23. The Borgsicle
  24. The Borgy Bunch
  25. The Borgian Slip
  26. The Borginator 3: Rise of the Party
  27. The Borg Bride
  28. The Borg Cube-icle
  29. The Borgy and the Beast
  30. The Borg’s Eye View
  31. The Borgward Pucker
  32. The Borgasaurus Rex
  33. The Borg-tastic Four
  34. The Borg-o-rama
  35. The Borg Necessities
  36. The Borgy Horror Picture Show
  37. The Borgy McFly
  38. The Borg-lingual
  39. The Borgalicious
  40. The Borginator 4: Return of the Party
  41. The Borg and Beautiful
  42. The Borging Dead
  43. The Borgie Shore
  44. The Borg of Fortune
  45. The Borgening
  46. The Borgening 2: Electric Boogaloo
  47. The Borgening 3: The Final Frontier
  48. The Borginator 5: Borg Harder

III. Conclusion

With these 50 funny and clever Borg names, your Star Trek-themed party is sure to be a hit. From the classic “Resistance is Futile Fred” to the pun-tastic “The Borgening,” there’s a Borg name for every type of guest. So embrace your inner Borg and assimilate these names into your party planning today!

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